Comparison of the Four Leading Small Generator Interconnection Procedures Report

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Interconnection Procedures one-page report
This study report reviews four sets of interconnection procedures that regulators often consider when developing state and local procedures. As a framework for review, the report uses the grading criteria developed by the Network for New Energy Choices (NNEC) and used that organization's review of state interconnection procedures.

Why the Report is Important

Distributed generation is far more likely to be deployed if developers and utility customers can readily discern the costs of interconnection and the length of time for the interconnection approval process. While regulators have a challenging task in formulating interconnection procedures, the benefits of implementing procedures that function effectively are substantial.

Solar America Board for Codes and Standards Recommendation

Each of these four sets of procedures present a suitable framework for effective regulations, though the report authors find that the Interstate Renewable Energy Council's (IREC's) Procedures (presented in detail in the report) provide the most comprehensive model.