The Solar America Board for Codes and Standards (Solar ABCs) publishes study reports, white papers, policy recommendations, presentations, and training publications dedicated to the advancement of solar photovoltaic codes and standards development and implementation. Below is a listing of the Solar ABCs publications, including the background information on the topic and recommendations. You can download the reports and summary documents for each publication below.

Reports and Summaries

Events, Meeting Presentations, and Minutes


Sep. 17 Solar ABCs Annual Stakeholder Meeting
Jan. 07 Solar ABCs Gap Meeting


Nov. 06 Webinar: Fire Rating of PV Systems: A Guide for Stakeholders
Oct. 23 Solar ABCs Annual Stakeholder Meeting
Oct. 07 Webinar: Introducing Draft Guide to Fire Rating of PV Modules Mitigation Methods


Aug. 27 Webinar: System Design, Retrofits, and Field Techniques to Prevent Fires in PV Systems
Jul. 11 Solar ABCs Annual Stakeholder Meeting
Jun. 25 Webinar: Ground-Fault Blind Spot Mitigation Methods
May 02 Webinar: Ground-Fault Blind Spot


Nov. 08 Webinar: Photovoltaic System Grounding
Sep. 25 Webinar: Expedited Permit Process Rev. 2
Sep. 14 Solar ABCs Annual Stakeholder Meeting
Aug. 28 Stakeholder Meeting: Fire Classification of PV Modules
Aug. 27 Stakeholder Meeting: Stakeholder Meeting: 2014 National Electrical Code Update
Jul. 17 Webinar: Photovoltaic Module Grounding - Issues and Recommendations



Dec. 15 Webinar: Commercial Rooftop PV Fires
Nov. 3 Webinar: Nameplate, Datasheet and Sampling Requirements of Photovoltaic Modules
Oct. 21 Solar ABCs Annual Stakeholder Meeting
Sep. 20 Changes to 2012 I-Codes Affecting Solar
May. 2 IGCC PV Proposal Discussion
Mar. 3 PV Module Power Rating Policy Webinar
Feb. 8 Arc Fault Detection and Mitigation Webinar



Oct. 15 Solar ABCS Stakeholder Meeting
Oct. 07 Stakeholder Meeting: PV System Energy Performance Eval.
Apr. 14 Stakeholder Meeting: FERC SGIP Screens
Apr. 06 Stakeholder Meeting: Rate Impact of Net Metering
Apr. 01 Webinar: Photovoltaic Safety for Firefighters
Feb. 26 Webinar: Module Power Rating Stakeholder Meeting
Feb. 19 Webinar: State Policy Options for Valuing Distributed PV


Dec. 02 FERC Screen Stakeholder Meeting
Oct. 30 Solar ABCs Stakeholder Meeting
Mar. 26 Interconnection and Net Metering Stakeholder Meeting
Mar. 24 Product Safety Stakeholder Meeting



Nov. 18 ASTM E44.09 Subcommittee Meeting
Oct. 17 Stakeholder Meeting
Sep. 24 U.S. Technical Advisory Group (USTAG) to IEC TC82
Aug. 20 Local Codes Stakeholder Meeting
Jul. 09 Product Safety Stakeholder Meeting
Jun. 20 National and International Standards Stakeholder Meeting
Jun. 02 Interconnect & Net Metering Meeting
Mar. 25 Interconnection and Net Stakeholder Metering
Mar. 24 Local Codes Stakeholder Meeting
Jan. 16 National and International Standards Stakeholder Meeting



Dec. 17 Product Safety Stakeholder Meeting
Dec. 17 Local Codes Study Stakeholder Meeting
Dec. 14 Interconnection and Net Metering Stakeholder Meeting
Sep. 27 Solar ABCs Meeting
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