Current Issues

The Solar America Board for Codes and Standards (Solar ABCs) identifies high priority issues and develops appropriate activities to support the development of codes and standards for photovoltaic (PV) systems.Photo of Photovoltaic panels against a blue sky.

The high priority areas identified are acted on by the Solar ABCs through planned collaborative study efforts, research panels, and white papers. The goal is for all of the planned efforts to position the PV industry with codes and standards that foster accelerated market adoption. Below is a listing of the high priority issues and the subsequent current study activities.

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The high priority areas, specifically PV codes and standards topics not being addressed, are identified, analyzed, collected, and acted upon during a Gap Analysis meeting held once every two years. Prior to the meeting, the Solar ABCs Steering Committee collectively gathers a list of all the national and international PV codes and standards issues hindering the PV market. The Solar ABCs has published two reports and a description of current activities that capture the high priority issues identified.